Jax Pilates classes are hands on

Pilates is an excellent starting point to restore muscle balance, change life time habits and  restore confidence in movement. Training since 2002 in London with Body Control Pilates and teaching from 2005, I am a Level 3 Pilates teacher and member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (This represents the Uk’s national standard and recognised by the European health & fitness Association.)

My approach is structured and intuitive responding to the group’s energy to encourage dynamic core muscle balance, develop sensory awareness and encourage relaxation.

I use small pieces of equipment and release tight tissues with massage using balls.



Welcome to Jax Eade Pilates - 'Your body in motion'

My classes are limited to 12 people and are all based in Cambridge and the surrounding villages of Histon & Impington, so please contact me today to book a space at one of my Body Control Pilates and Yamuna Body Rolling classes.

Please note my new mobile number: 0750 787 0508

Latest News:

2015 term dates

Sept 8th - Dec 17th
Half term (Oct 26th- 30th)

2016 term dates

Jan 5th March 24th
Half term (Feb 15th -19th)
April 12-July 21st
Half term (Mar 28th - April11th)
Sept 6th - Dec 15th
Half term (Oct 24th - 28th)

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Personal statement

open quoteI believe in a mind body approach, encouraging your own capacity to heal your bodyclose quote

I took a career change in order to stop my back pain. I am totally pain free now. Despite years of Yoga, contemporary and contact improvisation dance plus excellent cranial osteopathy, it was practising regular Pilates that enabled me to stabilise my back and take away the pain and restore my confidence.

For 30 yrs I have been fascinated by energy practise and medicine and now its science and would be interested in contributing to this area of research.

Yamuna Body Rolling; Yamuna’s own brilliant approach to deep tissue massage, muscle lengthening, toning and bone stimulation. This has revolutionised my thought process. I had the privilege to train with her on her last teacher training in Summer 08; I use her technique in my improver and intermediate classes.

Craniosacral Therapy  (evolved from Osteopathy), can allow your body to find the resources to make tissue changes according to its own order of need; a gentle technique that can be deeply relaxing. I embarked on a 2 year training with the Institute of Craniosacral Studies but due to a change in circumstances I am finishing my cranial training under personal tutorship. I am currently developing my clinical palpatory skills. I find the whole process awe inspiring.

Jax is a member of the Body Control Pilates AssociationJax is a registered Exercise Professional